Meet the Team: Jessie



Jessie Wender

Jessie is the Senior Picture Researcher at The New Yorker where she researches and selects images to accompany the articles and fiction pieces for the weekly magazine. She grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico where she developed a love for the expansive sky and spicy food. Through her early pursuits in dance, theater, photography and the outdoors she cultivated a deep appreciation for creative expression. These activities were the impetus for many high school and college adventures and have taken her through every nook and cranny in New Mexico, from LA to NY to Alaska and across the globe to live in Sweden, Nepal and Scotland. Jessie lives in Brooklyn, enjoys running in Prospect Park, and is learning Capoeira. In this lifetime she hopes to spend a summer in Antarctica, get a higher degree and do a triathlon.

Hometown: Santa Fe, NM
Current Location: Brooklyn, NY
Job: Picture Researcher
Mongol Rally job: Rally documentation and Team’s unflappable positive attitude.
Countries visited: Canada, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Finland, France, Hungary, Israel, Mexico, Nepal, Norway, Spain, Sweden, UK and USA and Germany & Thailand if sleeping in an airport can be considered “visiting”.
Languages attempted to have spoken: Nepali, Spanish and French
Where you will pretend to be from when you get tired of answering questions about America: I’ll still say I’m from New Mexico.
Instruments attempted to have learned: piano, recorder and berimbau – I’m using the word attempted in the most forgiving of ways.
Ukulele song most excited to learn: I’ve never even touched a ukulele, so I’m excited to learn pretty much any song.
Country you’re most excited about: Every single one of them! I have no idea what to expect… That’s probably not what you wanted to hear from your teammate.
If you were a car part, what would you be? I’d be both wing mirrors so I could have a wide view of the blind spots. Or maybe the U Joint.

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