We now have a team phone number and a vehicle!

The most exciting news first, Anand managed to win us a very fitting chariot for the race from ebay-motors! Turns out, we will be driving a white, 1.3L, 1999 Daihatsu Hi-jet microvan. We got it for a cool £800.00 (bumped up from 500 at the last minute, sadly). It’s got two sunroofs and some …personality quirks. More about that and some pictures soon! Start thinking of good names for her!

Second, we now have a telephone number. It is an international phone number, so we should have coverage in most countries, provided there’s a GSM tower around. We get free incoming texts, so feel free to say hello along the way! For reference, our number is: +44 7525 303790. We’ll let you know on the blog once we’ve initiated the number.

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