Posts from ‘April, 2009’

Car snag UPDATED

Yesterday we got an email from Anand saying: So I was driving from the hotel to the gas station in Libourne this morning and the car suddenly went dead. The battery seems fine but the starter doesn’t turn over when I turn the key, there’s just a click. It’s been in a garage in Libourne […]

Word of the Day – break

break (say it like you’re Scottish) Language: French Meaning: station wagon Apart from describing what our Škoda does, break also describes what it is. This term for station wagon has its origin in English where breaking describes the training of horses to accept being ridden and handled by humans. The first vehicles called breaks appeared […]

Word of the Day – tout droit

tout droit (too dwah) Language: French Meaning: straight Apropos of Anand’s adventure in Jugazan yesterday, we now dive in to French for the word of the day. “Tout droit”, which translates literally as “all right” is a phrase often heard when getting directions in France (along with “carrefoure”, and “baguette”). As a foreigner only somewhat […]

We Have the Car!

[This is Andrew posting an email we just got from Anand. Exciting times!] I made it to France and got the car. I’m in a hotel somewhere spending the night now. The next challenge will be getting across the border. If being a pain in the arse were a video game, England would be the […]

Northern US Regional Group Meeting

I was out on the east coast for work last week, and so Jessie and I met up in New York. Her friend Josh was kind enough to host a rooftop get-together at his place in the East Village, just two blocks from my old apartment there.  Josh is a stand-up guy, is moving to […]

Word of the Day – Teşekkür ederim

Teşekkür ederim (tesh-eh-cure edh-ehr-eem) Language: turkish Meaning: Thank you Thank you!  It’s one of the most important words to know in every language (after “help!  we’re lost!”).  Saying thank you in Turkish, however, is a bit of a mouthful for Americans, mainly saying that ü.  The ü is pronounced just like in Germanic languages: along […]

Word of the Day – Wot wot

Wot Wot (what what) Language: British Meaning: Don’t you agree? or just a general exclamation, emphasis While Turkish and Uzbek and Uighur are much more exotic, let’s not forget that our adventure begins in London.  Thus, today we’re learning about some good old-fashioned Victorian British (forgive me, I’ve been watching a lot of masterpiece theater).  […]

Word of the Day – Chaikhana

Chaikhana (chay-khahn-ah) Language: All of them – Kyrgyz, Uzbek, Turkish, Uighur Meaning: Teahouse In Muslim Central Asia, most people do not hang out in bars or coffee shops like they might in the US, instead, they hang out in chaikhanas (the “kh” is said gutterally), or teahouses.  Chai or choy, as we’ve said, means tea […]

Word of the Day – Tarvuz

Tarvuz (tar – vooz) Language: Uzbek Meaning:  Watermelon It’s a heat wave in Los Angeles and what better way to cool off than to eat some nice cold tarvuz!  But if you were in Uzbekistan, they would tell you not to eat melon in the summer, and certainly not to drink water afterwards.  It’s not […]

Word of the Day – Arkadaş

Arkadaş (ar-ka-dash) Language: Turkish Meaning: Friend There are two ways of saying friend in Turkish: Arkadaş and dost.  Dost means a closer friend, where arkadaş is more along the lines of “buddy.”  To say my friend, you just add “ım” or “um” to the end, making it arkadaşım or dostum.  Adding an “m” to the […]