Northern US Regional Group Meeting

We debated the merits of SPF 75 vs. SPF 90 for the Rally.

We debated the merits of SPF 75 vs. SPF 90 for the Rally.

I was out on the east coast for work last week, and so Jessie and I met up in New York. Her friend Josh was kind enough to host a rooftop get-together at his place in the East Village, just two blocks from my old apartment there.  Josh is a stand-up guy, is moving to LA soon to work for Marketplace, and makes a great drink dubbed the Greyhound Royale. To make one:

Greyhound Royale

  1. Start with a short glass filled 2/3 with ice.
  2. Squeeze out a 1/8th wedge of (FRESH!) pink grapefruit and
  3. A small wedge of lime in to the glass.
  4. Discard the fruit rinds.
  5. Fill to the top of the ice with a nice vodka (Josh likes Luksusowa).
  6. Top off with a splash of soda. ←This is the “Royale” step.
  7. (optional) Spill this drink on the ground/a friend several times and make another one.
Monique and Josh at Shabu Tatsu

Monique and Josh at Shabu Tatsu

Once it got dark, Jessie and I headed out to shabu shabu nearby with Josh and his friend Monique aka Honeybird. All in all a delightful evening. Jessie and I had plans to meet up again before I left, but unfortunately she took ill. She’s better now.

The first Northern US Regional Creeping Blandness Prevention Group Meeting was a success. I’m looking forward to the summer.

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