Word of the Day – Teşekkür ederim

Teşekkür ederim (tesh-eh-cure edh-ehr-eem)

Language: turkish

Meaning: Thank you

Thank you!  It’s one of the most important words to know in every language (after “help!  we’re lost!”).  Saying thank you in Turkish, however, is a bit of a mouthful for Americans, mainly saying that ü.  The ü is pronounced just like in Germanic languages: along the lines of “ieu.”  This is the formal way to say thank you.  If you want to say “thanks,” you can use the marginally easier “Teşekkürler” (ler or lar makes things plural, and the vowel you use depends on the rules of vowel harmony as described in an earlier post).  Maybe I should have taught “please” before “thank you,” but I’m just assuming we’re always going to get our way and won’t have to plead too much.

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