Posts from ‘May, 2009’

Word of the Day – Jagoda

Jagoda (yah-goh-dah) Language: Serbo-Croatian Meaning: Strawberry It’s strawberry season!  My new favorite strawberries are Camarosa strawberries which taste so much more like strawberries than others you get.  I happen to know the word Strawberry in Serbo-Croatian because of the movie Jagoda u Supermarketu (strawberries in the supermarket), a movie produced by Emir Kusturica and directed […]

Word of the Day – Var

Var (vahr) Language: Turkish Meaning: There is/are It’s really easy to sound at first glance like you know how to speak Turkish.  The absolute staple of Turkish is var.  If you are looking for anything, you can just say “[Thing you are looking for] var mı?” and the Turk will probably answer “var” or “yok” […]

Word of the Day – Yaasan üntei yum be!

Yaasan üntei yum be! (yah-sahn ieun-tay yoom beh) Language: Mongolian Meaning: That’s very expensive! When I heard the alternator was going to be €355, I thought “that’s very expensive!” so I enlisted Dad’s help and acquired us an alternator at a mere £50 from a car parts recycler in Wales.  Great work!  But, on the […]


I know it’s been a while, but that’s because not much has changed. The car is still at the mechanics’ in Libourne. After rebuffing our attempts at bargaining (they even said that the €355 they had quoted us was for a used alternator!), they invited us to mail them an alternator if we though we […]

Word of the Day – Alacakaranlık

Alacakaranlık (ah-lah-jah-kah-rahn-luk) Language: Turkish Meaning: Twilight At the request of my office-mate, today’s word of the day is Twilight (her initial request was “fuzzy,” but I vetoed that one).  The most beautiful word in most languages (aside from Bat, in my opinion), it makes everything feel a bit melancholy and romantic, she says.  That’s the […]

Word of the Day – Yağmur

Yağmur (yah-moor) Language: Turkish Meaning: Mud Although it’s always sunny and 75 here in Santa Monica, in many places around the country it’s spring and spring means rain and rain means mud.  Mud is a central theme of a lot of Turkish songs, especially from the East.  My favorite features a young eligible shepherdess getting […]

Word of the Day – Да ли је далеко?

Да ли је далеко? (dah lee yeh dah-leh-koh) Language: Serbo-Croatian Meaning: Is it far? When you’re driving 10,000 miles, the answer to the question “is it far” is inevitably going to be “yes” in the long run, but it also kind of leads us to that other inevitability of not being able to understand the […]

Word of the Day – Doğum günü

Doğum günü (dough-oom gyun-iuw) Language: Turkish Meaning: Birthday This is a special birthday edition for friend of the team Dan G.  It also introduces a new letter – yumushek g or soft g.  When g has that little carat on top – ğ –  it is not pronounced and appears in the word like a […]

Word of the Day – Yarım

Yarım (yah-rum) Language: Turkish, Uzbek Meaning: Half While ever town we go through on the Rally probably will not have a restaurant, almost every town should have a bazaar.  Thus, we have to learn some bazaar words, such as half.  When I was going around the Uzbek bazaars before my translator arrived, I got everything […]

Word of the Day – Mosdó

Mosdó (mohzh-doh) Language: Hungarian Meaning: Toilet Hol van a mosdó?  Where is the toilet?  The single most important phrase to know in every language when embarking on a gigantic road trip.  As we’re driving through Hungary, we probably won’t be able to say much else – as in Georgia, Hungarian is just a strange language, […]