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T-shirts shipped

I bagged and shipped all the t-shirts this morning. This includes everybody’s order up through yesterday, even people who ordered after the deadline. They went out Priority Mail so you should get your order in 1-3 days. If you chose to pick up from me or Sarah, please contact me/her to arrange pickup. I still […]

Word of the Day – Eet smakelijk

Eet smakelijk (eyt smah-keh-lick) Language: Dutch Meaning: Eat deliciously Bon Appetit,  Buen Provecho, Afiyet Olsun,  Eet Smakelijk.  Almost every language has a simple phrase for wishing people a good meal, except English.  Maybe some people say “eat well” or “dig in” or sometimes we wander over into french, but it seems that in general, Americans […]

Word of the Day – ahoj

ahoj (ahoy) Language: Czech Meaning: hello (09:12:46 AM) Sarah Olmstead: I think I’m not going to be able to get a word of the day up today (on my way to alcatraz with my aunts), so if there’s any french vocab you think people are missing, feel free to throw it up there (09:13:16 AM) […]

Documentary: Manhole Children

I’ve been meaning to post about Manhole Children, a Japanese-made documentary I saw toward the end of the Seattle International Film Festival a couple weeks ago. The film’s website gives this background: In early 1990, with the fall of the Soviet Union, Mongolia was forced to make the transition from a communist to capitalist economy. […]

Word of the Day – Je to pro mne španĕlská vesnice

Je to pro mne španĕlská vesnice (yeh toh proh mnye spahn-els-kah vehs-nee-steh) Language: Czech Meaning: It’s a Spanish village to me Or, in English, we’d say “It’s all Greek to me!”  It’s funny how each country and culture has the same kind of phrases that refer to the strangeness of other countries and cultures, but […]

What’s up in Ferghana?

So, we have some potential route changes due to current events in Central Asia.  As this news hasn’t been in any mainstream media that I’ve heard, I thought I’d share it with folks.  In response to a suicide bombing on May 26th in the far eastern Uzbek city of Andijon, Uzbekistan has closed its border […]

Word of the Day – идёт

идёт (ee-djyot) Language: Russian Meaning: walk, go идёт means to walk – at least it does to Rosetta Stone, if not Google translate, where it is translated as “is.”  But “to walk” and “to be” are interconnected for many people.  For instance, though we’re doing this road rally, only one of the four of us […]

Word of the Day – Deniz

Deniz (dehn-eez) Language: Turkish Meaning: Sea Turkey is surrounded by seas – Karadeniz (Black Sea) to the North, Ege Denizi (Aegean Sea) and Marmara Denizi to the West, and Akdeniz (Mediterranean, or literally “white sea”) to the South.  The Aegean and Mediterranean coasts in Turkey are very popular with tourists looking to sun themselves and […]

Word of the Day – Әжетхана қайда?

Әжетхана қайда? (Ä-jet-khah-nah qay-dah?) Language: Kazakh Meaning: Where’s the toilet Toilets.  I have gotten in so much trouble all over the globe because of the American tradition of saying “bathroom” rather than the more accurate (but cruder?) “toilet.”  I was invited to stay at the home of friend in Uzbekistan and I asked at some […]

OK, really last chance to order shirts

I’ve placed the order with the screenprinting shop, but the shirts aren’t getting ordered from the distributor until tomorrow, which means you get one last chance to place an order for a shirt today. Visit the shop to see them in all their bad-assness. Also, they are apparently “busy” at the screenprinter’s so the shirts […]