Word of the Day – ahoj

ahoj (ahoy)

Language: Czech

Meaning: hello

(09:12:46 AM) Sarah Olmstead: I think I’m not going to be able to get a word of the day up today (on my way to alcatraz with my aunts), so if there’s any french vocab you think people are missing, feel free to throw it up there
(09:13:16 AM) Andrew Cole: i was thinking about the czech hello “ajoi” — ahoy
(09:13:23 AM) Andrew Cole: it’s just so much fun to pretend you’re a sailor
(09:13:33 AM) Sarah Olmstead: yeah, I love ahoj. I almost did that yesterday, actually
(09:13:42 AM) Andrew Cole: ah, you even spell it correctly
(09:14:04 AM) Andrew Cole: i was spelling in spanish
(09:14:14 AM) Sarah Olmstead: I do that all the time ­čÖé

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