Word of the Day – Eet smakelijk

Eet smakelijk (eyt smah-keh-lick)

Language: Dutch

Meaning: Eat deliciously

Bon Appetit,  Buen Provecho, Afiyet Olsun,  Eet Smakelijk.  Almost every language has a simple phrase for wishing people a good meal, except English.  Maybe some people say “eat well” or “dig in” or sometimes we wander over into french, but it seems that in general, Americans mostly just start eating.  In my family we say Eet Smakelijk, which to me is a nice way to signal the beginning of a meal together, requiring you to look up and see the other people sitting with you before burying your face in your plate.  In Turkey the appropriate response to Afiyet Olsun (roughly, may it contribute to your health) when eating a homemade meal  is “Elinize Sağlık” (may your (the cook’s) hands be healthy).

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