Posts from ‘July, 2009’

Update, and check out Outside!

Creeping Blandness Prevention Group has been blogging at Outside Magazine, so everyone make sure you’re checking out our posts there as well! Saturday night, when we tried to go through the border from Bulgaria to Turkey, we were informed that the plates on our car did not match the plates on the registration. Apparently we […]

Vienna to Budapest to Sofia

Thursday morning we packed up the car, said goodbye to our host Ben in Vienna, and headed out for Budapest. The car was loaded up with our freshly purchased tires and roof rack on top, and a new stereo inside (the old one hadn’t worked). The drive to Budapest was pretty short. We arrived at […]

Vienna and beyond!

Checked out of the Czechout party and headed to Vienna to see Ben. Stopped in a poppy field to take some glamour shots of Merdeith amongst the wildlife. Upon arriving in Vienna, we grabbed some döner kebab and went to see some sights like a cathedral and a palace, a candy store, and ice cream […]

Day 3 – Bruchkobel to Czechout party

We made it to Klenova Castle near dusk and set up camp. We parked next to two Dutch guys and right down the way from some other Americans who were driving an ice-cream truck (The Rolling Cones). We put up the tent (Thank you, Sierra Designs!), chatted a bit with our neighbors, then got into […]

Day 2 – Liege to Bruchkobel

We reluctantly rose at 10 and journeyed on to Spa, a small Belgian town on the way to Germany. After a delicious breakfast of waffles and tea we bid fond ‘A bientôt!’ to Belgium. Continuing on to Frankfurt, we were given a warm welcome by Sarah’s friend Marcus and his lovely parents. After a tour […]

Day 1 – Oxford to Goodwood

Finally, after packing, vacuuming and moving the entirety of Anand’s house into storage, we dropped off all his remaining things (semi-frozen food, crock pot, microwave, damp towels and a dirty bathmat) with his unwitting friend Marianne. She was a very good sport about the unexpected bounty. Anand rushed between Marianne’s house and the car while […]

Group United! and Launch Live Online

Well the Group is now all united here in Oxford. Anand is finishing up packing his apartment (he’s moving) and tying off loose ends at work. The rest of the team is trying to get a couple last minute things for the car and we’re waiting for a delivery of a tent from Sierra Designs, […]

Carte Grise! England!

Ah so much! No time! Spent 3 hours waiting in the prefecture in Bordeaux. They call your number and then print you a carte grise in 30 seconds. No questions asked about my US address or my Australian passport or why Anand’s name was on the bill of sale or anything. 30 euro and I […]

Bastille Day

Bastille day was pretty lazy. I went for a walk. Everything in Libourne was closed. That night I had another amazing meal with Camille’s family. Yes, apparently I’ve been spelling her name wrong the whole time. Anyway, the L’s are silent as far as I can tell. Then she, her cousin Marianne, and I went […]

Word of the day – Shwmae? Sut mae?

Shwmae? Sut mae? (shwe-my? soot my?) Language: Welsh Meaning: Hello, How are you? It’s still questionable as to whether Jessie and I will be driving over to Cardiff today to visit the parts recycler (rather leaning towards no, since they don’t actually appear to have any parts we need, but still, I’ve never been to […]