Word of the Day – Pekmez

Pekmez (pehk-mehz)

Language: Turkish

Meaning: Molasses

Specifically, pekmez is fruit molasses.  It’s like a really thick fruity version of maple syrup, but thinner than jam or jelly.  Pekmez can be poured over yogurt or kaymak (clotted cream) or, apparently, mixed with Tahini for breakfast.  I never saw the latter, but pekmez did make numerous entries into snack time out in the Black Sea mountains in Turkey.  A favorite pekmez there is made from dut (mulberries) – a favorite fruit generally speaking.  I can’t wait to get back to the glorious Turkish breakfasts of shepherd’s salad (cucumber and tomato), olives, kaymak and pekmez, and giant slabs of honeycomb.

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