The Joys and Sorrows of Skoda

Yesterday I got in to Libourne with almost no trouble after flying to Paris, then taking trains to Bordeaux and then here. I walked out of the train station and wandered aimlessly until I found a gas station and got directions to the garage a short walk away.

At the garage they pulled the car up right away, I paid our 328 euro bill and left. I’d asked the guy for directions to the place where they do the inspection, called Controle Technique or CT, that you need for registration in France. I also noticed at this point that the garage and street are called Nhevoit, not Nehovite as I’ve been saying the whole time.

Now that I had the car I wanted to get a hold of Anand for some Libourne advice. I’d tried calling him a couple times from the train but it seemed that I had his number wrong in my phone so I wanted to find an internet cafe to double-check it. I drove the car a few blocks before I spotted one so I parked and went in. Sure enough I had a digit wrong in the number, but Anand didn’t pick up anyway when I called the right number.

Realizing that it was 4 in the afternoon and I was kind of groggy, I decided to leave the car parked where it was rather than try to do the CT immediately. I took off for a walk around the city to look for a place to stay. Libourne is actually a pretty charming city, which was not my first impression based on the walk from the train station to the garage. Eventually I stumbled to a long walking avenue of shops and then in to the town square, where there is a tourism office.

The nice girl at the tourism office pointed me to the cheapest hotel in Libourne and off I went. The hotel has parking, so after I checked in I went back to where I had parked the car to move it to the hotel’s parking lot.

So I start the car. This is actually the first time I have started the car– it was already running when I picked it up at the garage. The first thing I notice is a startling grinding noise that transitions in to a rattle. There is also an exclamation-point light on on the dashboard. Not good, but the car drives so I figure I might as well move it to the hotel since it’s not far.

At the hotel I park and turn the car off. For kicks I decide I’d start it again to see if it did the grinding noise. Click. Nothing. DAAAAAMMMMMNNNN YOOOOOOUUUUU SKOOOOODDDAAAAAA!!!!!

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  1. sarah says:

    Argh. But at least you are nearby so hopefully you can try the garage again. What’s up with this? If the alternator is blown out again, then there must be something way more seriously wrong with the thing (though, I guess I don’t really know how you kill an alternator…).