Word of the Day – Iş

Iş (ish)

Language: Turkish

Meaning: Job/occupation

Ne iş yapıyorsun?” (“what do you do,” or “what is your job?”) is a common question for people in every language, especially when they are wondering why on earth you are travelling to their country (yesterday in the waiting room of the Azeri embassy someone asked my why I was going to Azerbaijan and whether it had to do with “war”).   In Turkish, “my” and “I am” are equivalent and are just expressed by adding an m to the end of the noun.  So, depending on the context you could say “öğretmenim” and that could either mean “my teacher” or “I am a teacher.”  In our case, I would say “öğrencim” (I am a student), Anand would probably say the same, or, if he wanted to get fancy he could say “istatistikçim” (I am a statistician).  Jessie would say “tanımlama araştırmacım” (I am a picture researcher), and Andrew would say “programcım” (I am a programmer).

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