Posts on ‘July 8th, 2009’

Word of the Day – Nasılsınız

Nasılsınız (Nah-sul-sun-uz) Language: Turkish Meaning: How are you doing? The transcription of the pronounciation isn’t quite right there, but I’m not sure how to describe how to say “ı.”   Although it takes some practice and you might not believe me, nasılsınız will eventually roll off your tongue just like “how’s it going?” now does.  When […]

Libourne Day 2

I woke up this morning at 10 after sleeping almost 15 hours, not including my 2am internet interlude. I checked on the car again just to make sure it was still dead. Based on the fact that the battery was clearly charged, but that the car would do absolutely nothing when you turned the ignition […]