Libourne Day 2

I woke up this morning at 10 after sleeping almost 15 hours, not including my 2am internet interlude. I checked on the car again just to make sure it was still dead. Based on the fact that the battery was clearly charged, but that the car would do absolutely nothing when you turned the ignition I had concluded that it was the starter motor.

I took off for the garage to get them to tow it. After a lengthy conversation with the mechanic about:

  • why I was there,
  • what was wrong with the car,
  • how I didn’t have insurance
  • how insurance is mandatory,
  • how I really didn’t have insurance anyway,
  • how I would have to pay for the towing if I didn’t have insurance (wait– insurance covers towing in France?),
  • how I don’t speak French very well,
  • how he doesn’t speak Spanish,
  • how I actually speak English, not Spanish,

we agreed that I would ride with his colleague in the tow truck over to the hotel to get the car. There the second mechanic agreed that it was the starter and together we got it push-started. I drove it back to the garage like that, being very careful not to stall. I’m hoping that saves us the 100+ euro towing charge.

I came back later in the afternoon after they looked it over and was told the part would have to be ordered and it would get here on Friday morning. I’m going to head back there tomorrow morning and see if they can do some of the other work I want done, like welding skid plates, while we’re waiting. All in all, I’m glad that we’re getting this out of the way now and not in the middle of Turkmenistan.

Tomorrow after the shop I’m off to Bordeaux to hang out and see if I can make any friends there to help me with my registration woes. If you know anyone there please let me know!


  1. sarah says:

    He was probably confused because Anand was trying to speak Spanish with everyone.

    But at least it kick starts! We can have our own reenactment of Little Miss Sunshine…every day…for a month. Yeah, let’s get that starter motor fixed.

  2. David Lott says:

    On the bright side, if it isn’t fully fixed, everyone in Central Asia seems to be used to push starting vehicles and generally happy to help. So you’re really going to visit the Turkmenbashi eh? Best of luck!

  3. Kate says:

    Hi folks. We are taking part in the rally as well. One of our team members is french, although we all now live in Brighton. Would you like some help translating things in France or are you ok? Seems a shame to have a fellow team stuck before even making it to the start line.

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