Word of the Day – Nasılsınız

Nasılsınız (Nah-sul-sun-uz)

Language: Turkish

Meaning: How are you doing?

The transcription of the pronounciation isn’t quite right there, but I’m not sure how to describe how to say “ı.”   Although it takes some practice and you might not believe me, nasılsınız will eventually roll off your tongue just like “how’s it going?” now does.  When someone asks you “Nasılsınız?” the easiest way to respond (as we do in America) is “Iyiyim” or “I am well” (iyi meaning good and, as we learned last time, the “m” on the end making the noun refer to the subject).  If you’re polite, you can say “Iyiyim, senden?” (I am well, and you?) and your conversational partner will likely say “Ben de iyiyim” (I am also well).  If you want to start complaining about life, the conversation gets a lot more complicated, and anyway, no one likes a whiner; just say you’re doing well and get on with the more interesting parts of the conversation!

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