Day 3: Bordeaux continued

Bordeaux Gare St Jean
So I got off the train in Bordeaux and wandered aimlessly. I had no map but I eventually stumbled to what I decided must be the main pedestrian street and shopping area in Bordeaux, which was called Rue Sainte Catherine. From there I found a place to stay for the night, wandered around looking at stuff, and then tried to go to a Meetup. Yes, as in I didn’t think that people still did that either, but it certainly seems from looking at the Bordeaux Language and Culture Group‘s meetup page and facebook page that people do. I thought it would be the perfect place to find an English-speaking local to help me out with the car.

I was a little confused, though, since the meetup and facebook pages each list different addresses. It turned out that they were only about a block apart, so I went to the first one, found that there was absolutely no one in the restaurant, then went to the next one and couldn’t find the place at all. So that was that. I later got an email from the group administrator explaining that meetups are canceled during school holidays (meaning now).

I had been planning to have dinner at the meetup so with that out I headed back to Rue Ste. Catherine for a kebap. Met some friendly English guys and told them about the Rally. They don’t think we’re going to be able to fit 4 people and 4 people’s kit, as they call it, in to a ┼ákoda.

All in all Bordeaux was a bit of a bust Rally-wise. It’s a busy city, especially compared to sleepy Libourne, and it’s very pretty, but I don’t feel like I got much out of it not having any information ahead of time. Will this be the story of the Rally?

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