Posts on ‘July 12th, 2009’

Word of the Day – Upoznavati

Upoznavati (oo-poze-nav-at-ee) Language: Serbo-Croat Meaning: To meet, to get to know While we have to drive pretty quickly, with only a month to cover 10,000 miles, however we will hopefully still have the chance to meet and get to know lots of people on our journey.  Hospitality in Turkey and Central Asia is almost like […]

Saint Emilion – Mongol Rally Day 6

Today Camie picked me up with her friend Soriah a we went for a drive through the countryside near Libourne to the ancient village of Saint Emilion. Just outside the borders of Libourne lie miles and miles of vineyards producing some very famous (and some very expensive) wines. We had a very nice lunch in […]