Saint Emilion – Mongol Rally Day 6

Today Camie picked me up with her friend Soriah a we went for a drive through the countryside near Libourne to the ancient village of Saint Emilion. Just outside the borders of Libourne lie miles and miles of vineyards producing some very famous (and some very expensive) wines.

We had a very nice lunch in the courtyard of the town. We had escargot and felt very French (although Soriah says snails are too ugly and she won’t eat them, and also that ducks are too cute and she won’t eat them either). We took a tour of a large monolithic church carved out of a limestone cave– it was impressive and unique.

It was a beautiful and relaxing Sunday. The girls laughed at me when I told them I love the clouds in France, but it’s true. They’re so puffy and magnificent– not at all like the clouds in Seattle. I’ve been admiring them every day.

Tomorrow Camie is coming again at 9 to go with me to the Prefecture. Fingers crossed!

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  1. CBPGFC says:

    Great post Andrew! Good luck today!