Posts on ‘July 13th, 2009’

Technique Contrôlled!

Awesome day today! I don’t know where to start so we’ll just go chronologically. No, I can’t! The car passed the Contrôl Technique inspection! I’m so thrilled. It’s the first time I’m feeling like I’ve made some progress with the car. So actually she didn’t pass the first time through. Camie and I took her […]

Word of the Day – Приятно пътуване!

Приятно пътуване! (pree-yaht-no  pah-too-vah-neh) Language: Bulgarian Meaning: Bon Voyage! As I’m about to get on a plane to head to London, I figured “bon voyage” would be a good word for today.  Once again, as with bon appetit, we are at the mercy of the French to be able to say things succinctly.  In English […]