Word of the Day – Приятно пътуване!

Приятно пътуване! (pree-yaht-no  pah-too-vah-neh)

Language: Bulgarian

Meaning: Bon Voyage!

As I’m about to get on a plane to head to London, I figured “bon voyage” would be a good word for today.  Once again, as with bon appetit, we are at the mercy of the French to be able to say things succinctly.  In English we say “have a good trip” which is twice as many words as is necessary (though only a third more syllables).  Although we are currently planning to go through Bulgaria, I met a man at David Mann and Ronalee Lo’s wedding this weekend that suggested we go through his hometown of Thessaloniki instead.  He was a very nice man, so I can only assume Thessaloniki is a very nice place.  It looks a teensy bit out of the way, but maybe we’ll see how we’re doing on time.  Word of the Day may be more like word of the week from now on, but hope everyone is enjoying the feature!

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