Fan club!?

In the comments to my St Emilion post, I was alerted to the existence of a Creeping Blandness Prevention Group Fan Club. This is somewhat amazing to me. The CBPG has been talking behind closed doors about it and we would like to say that we are extremely flattered. Thank you CBPGFC!


  1. […] tagged: cbpg, mongol rally They love us! They really love us!  The team has shouted out to us on their blog!!!  AND, Sarah left us a comment!!!!!  […]

  2. zaza says:

    hi Andrew how are u? i was looking for your email but couldnt find it on your website. I saw u in Georgia. I m board guard. I talked with u and I remarked that plates in the car didnt match with numbers in your car document hope u remember me. we didnt know u had so many problems with plates. we are very sorry. we will be glad to see u in can I contact u?