Posts on ‘July 15th, 2009’

Carte Grise! England!

Ah so much! No time! Spent 3 hours waiting in the prefecture in Bordeaux. They call your number and then print you a carte grise in 30 seconds. No questions asked about my US address or my Australian passport or why Anand’s name was on the bill of sale or anything. 30 euro and I […]

Bastille Day

Bastille day was pretty lazy. I went for a walk. Everything in Libourne was closed. That night I had another amazing meal with Camille’s family. Yes, apparently I’ve been spelling her name wrong the whole time. Anyway, the L’s are silent as far as I can tell. Then she, her cousin Marianne, and I went […]

Word of the day – Shwmae? Sut mae?

Shwmae? Sut mae? (shwe-my? soot my?) Language: Welsh Meaning: Hello, How are you? It’s still questionable as to whether Jessie and I will be driving over to Cardiff today to visit the parts recycler (rather leaning towards no, since they don’t actually appear to have any parts we need, but still, I’ve never been to […]

CBPG team now completely European!

With Jessie touching down at this very moment, all members of the Creeping Blandness Prevention Group are now in Europe!  In a little bit I will head to the bus stop on Queens Ln in Oxford to meet her and the original plan from there was to rent a car and go parts shopping.  After […]