Carte Grise! England!

Ah so much! No time!

Spent 3 hours waiting in the prefecture in Bordeaux. They call your number and then print you a carte grise in 30 seconds. No questions asked about my US address or my Australian passport or why Anand’s name was on the bill of sale or anything. 30 euro and I was out of there. All thanks to Camille for figuring that one out!

So then I quickly booked some insurance over the phone to cover the car in Europe, then hit the road. Made it to Calais about 3am for a 4:15 ferry. UK passport control almost made it seem like they weren’t going to let me in after I explained why I was in England and why I had a French car. One of those “please wait here a moment” things that sets my stomach churning.

Grabbed an hour or so of sleep on the ferry. Now it’s 6:15am and I’m god-knows-where along the M20 motorway on my way to Oxford. I’m really hungry but there’s nothing open yet. I am filled with stomach growlie rage!


  1. ron says:

    Who would think that you could skip thru the French DMV given the conflicting docs.Congrats on jumping so many hurdles already. Good luck and know that we are logging on daily.

  2. Ron Cole says:

    hey Buddy,
    The ferry video was great. You looked pretty good for a guy who had no sleep.

  3. Hammer says:

    Ah! Stomach Growlie Rage…the deepest rage in existence, I think. Good luck!!!!