Word of the day – Shwmae? Sut mae?

Shwmae? Sut mae? (shwe-my? soot my?)

Language: Welsh

Meaning: Hello, How are you?

It’s still questionable as to whether Jessie and I will be driving over to Cardiff today to visit the parts recycler (rather leaning towards no, since they don’t actually appear to have any parts we need, but still, I’ve never been to Wales, so might be a nice trip anyway), but thought I’d throw in some Welsh vocab anyway.  Welsh appears to be yet another incredibly bizarre and difficult language.  Maybe not quite as bad as Georgian, but still pretty bad.  We’re talking about a place that has city names like Llanfairpwllgwyngyll and Bryngwran and Rhydyclafdy.  The guys at the parts recycler shop were about that easy to understand, as well.  Once at my aunt’s fourth of July party a Welsh woman told me I could look Welsh if only I was shorter and squatter.  Since then I’ve always been curious to check it out, maybe I should sieze this opportunity!

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