Posts on ‘July 21st, 2009’

Day 3 – Bruchkobel to Czechout party

We made it to Klenova Castle near dusk and set up camp. We parked next to two Dutch guys and right down the way from some other Americans who were driving an ice-cream truck (The Rolling Cones). We put up the tent (Thank you, Sierra Designs!), chatted a bit with our neighbors, then got into […]

Day 2 – Liege to Bruchkobel

We reluctantly rose at 10 and journeyed on to Spa, a small Belgian town on the way to Germany. After a delicious breakfast of waffles and tea we bid fond ‘A bient├┤t!’ to Belgium. Continuing on to Frankfurt, we were given a warm welcome by Sarah’s friend Marcus and his lovely parents. After a tour […]

Day 1 – Oxford to Goodwood

Finally, after packing, vacuuming and moving the entirety of Anand’s house into storage, we dropped off all his remaining things (semi-frozen food, crock pot, microwave, damp towels and a dirty bathmat) with his unwitting friend Marianne. She was a very good sport about the unexpected bounty. Anand rushed between Marianne’s house and the car while […]