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Altai to Ulaan Baatar

Well the big news here is that we made it! As tweeted, we arrived in Ulaan Bataar on Thursday August 27th in the evening and made it to the finish line downtown at about 8pm. The last couple hundred kilometers in to UB is newly paved and feels so smooth and amazing after 10 days […]

Update from Mongolia!

An update from Andrew (apparently the internet was too slow to allow for blogging, but worked for email): I’m in Altai, Mongolia at the first internet cafe I’ve seen since leaving Russia a week ago. Most of the towns here don’t have electricity reliably or at all. Even cell phone coverage is really spotty.  Mongolia […]

Belated picture update!

I’ve gone back and put some pictures in with the last couple of posts, so make sure you go back and check them out! I was also going to put a bunch of Sumela pictures up here, but you might as well just take a look at them in situ in my flickr stream.  All […]

Day 1 – Oxford to Goodwood

Finally, after packing, vacuuming and moving the entirety of Anand’s house into storage, we dropped off all his remaining things (semi-frozen food, crock pot, microwave, damp towels and a dirty bathmat) with his unwitting friend Marianne. She was a very good sport about the unexpected bounty. Anand rushed between Marianne’s house and the car while […]

Group United! and Launch Live Online

Well the Group is now all united here in Oxford. Anand is finishing up packing his apartment (he’s moving) and tying off loose ends at work. The rest of the team is trying to get a couple last minute things for the car and we’re waiting for a delivery of a tent from Sierra Designs, […]