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Peaceful protest turns violent in Urumqi

While I’m still really heartbroken that we don’t get to drive through Xinjiang on the way to Mongolia (China doesn’t allow you to drive your own car in China, someone else must drive, and not even sure if it can be your own vehicle…), sounds like it’s not quite the time to be visiting Urumqi […]

Documentary: Manhole Children

I’ve been meaning to post about Manhole Children, a Japanese-made documentary I saw toward the end of the Seattle International Film Festival a couple weeks ago. The film’s website gives this background: In early 1990, with the fall of the Soviet Union, Mongolia was forced to make the transition from a communist to capitalist economy. […]

What’s up in Ferghana?

So, we have some potential route changes due to current events in Central Asia.  As this news hasn’t been in any mainstream media that I’ve heard, I thought I’d share it with folks.  In response to a suicide bombing on May 26th in the far eastern Uzbek city of Andijon, Uzbekistan has closed its border […]

This Book Exists?!

I was down in Portland, OR last weekend and stopped by Powell’s Technical Books. Imagine my surprise in the automotive aisle as I turn up this gem: How to Build a Successful Low-Cost Rally Car by Philip Young. The subtitle, covered by my hands in the photo, reads “Applies to cars for road rallies, including […]