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Update from Mongolia!

An update from Andrew (apparently the internet was too slow to allow for blogging, but worked for email): I’m in Altai, Mongolia at the first internet cafe I’ve seen since leaving Russia a week ago. Most of the towns here don’t have electricity reliably or at all. Even cell phone coverage is really spotty.  Mongolia […]

Update, and check out Outside!

Creeping Blandness Prevention Group has been blogging at Outside Magazine, so everyone make sure you’re checking out our posts there as well! Saturday night, when we tried to go through the border from Bulgaria to Turkey, we were informed that the plates on our car did not match the plates on the registration. Apparently we […]

Vienna and beyond!

Checked out of the Czechout party and headed to Vienna to see Ben. Stopped in a poppy field to take some glamour shots of Merdeith amongst the wildlife. Upon arriving in Vienna, we grabbed some döner kebab and went to see some sights like a cathedral and a palace, a candy store, and ice cream […]

Day 1 – Oxford to Goodwood

Finally, after packing, vacuuming and moving the entirety of Anand’s house into storage, we dropped off all his remaining things (semi-frozen food, crock pot, microwave, damp towels and a dirty bathmat) with his unwitting friend Marianne. She was a very good sport about the unexpected bounty. Anand rushed between Marianne’s house and the car while […]

What’s up in Ferghana?

So, we have some potential route changes due to current events in Central Asia.  As this news hasn’t been in any mainstream media that I’ve heard, I thought I’d share it with folks.  In response to a suicide bombing on May 26th in the far eastern Uzbek city of Andijon, Uzbekistan has closed its border […]

Episode 1: Wherein Anand and Sarah win a place on the Mongol Rally

After a few years of trying, it has finally happened. In September, just as Sarah headed off to Uzbekistan for a month, Anand got the good news that we were accepted to the Mongol Rally! For those not in-the-know, the Mongol Rally is a charity event that sets 250ish teams to drive 10,000 miles from […]