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Update from Mongolia!

An update from Andrew (apparently the internet was too slow to allow for blogging, but worked for email): I’m in Altai, Mongolia at the first internet cafe I’ve seen since leaving Russia a week ago. Most of the towns here don’t have electricity reliably or at all. Even cell phone coverage is really spotty.  Mongolia […]

Samarqand to Bishkek

After our lovely time in Samarkand with Aziza and her family, we hit the road north to Kazakhstan. We blew through Tashkent around lunch time and made it to the border mid-afternoon. We met up there with two Italian ralliers in a Fiat Panda that we’ve seen a few times (first on the boat to […]

Baku to Samarqand in a nutshell

Well the team is in Samarqand, Uzbekistan safe and sound despite some anxiety on the part of those of our fans who are related to us. We haven’t had internet in about 5 days and then only now discovered that our mobile tweets hadn’t been going through to the website. We made it to Baku at dawn after […]

Update, and check out Outside!

Creeping Blandness Prevention Group has been blogging at Outside Magazine, so everyone make sure you’re checking out our posts there as well! Saturday night, when we tried to go through the border from Bulgaria to Turkey, we were informed that the plates on our car did not match the plates on the registration. Apparently we […]

Vienna and beyond!

Checked out of the Czechout party and headed to Vienna to see Ben. Stopped in a poppy field to take some glamour shots of Merdeith amongst the wildlife. Upon arriving in Vienna, we grabbed some döner kebab and went to see some sights like a cathedral and a palace, a candy store, and ice cream […]

Bastille Day

Bastille day was pretty lazy. I went for a walk. Everything in Libourne was closed. That night I had another amazing meal with Camille’s family. Yes, apparently I’ve been spelling her name wrong the whole time. Anyway, the L’s are silent as far as I can tell. Then she, her cousin Marianne, and I went […]

CBPG team now completely European!

With Jessie touching down at this very moment, all members of the Creeping Blandness Prevention Group are now in Europe!  In a little bit I will head to the bus stop on Queens Ln in Oxford to meet her and the original plan from there was to rent a car and go parts shopping.  After […]

Saint Emilion – Mongol Rally Day 6

Today Camie picked me up with her friend Soriah a we went for a drive through the countryside near Libourne to the ancient village of Saint Emilion. Just outside the borders of Libourne lie miles and miles of vineyards producing some very famous (and some very expensive) wines. We had a very nice lunch in […]

Day 3: Bordeaux continued

So I got off the train in Bordeaux and wandered aimlessly. I had no map but I eventually stumbled to what I decided must be the main pedestrian street and shopping area in Bordeaux, which was called Rue Sainte Catherine. From there I found a place to stay for the night, wandered around looking at […]