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Last you heard, our brave team was splitting up along gender lines to retrieve the car (boys) and the new plates (girls).  While the ladies were lounging in Istanbul, they got word that the boys had actually made it through the Greek border, and so they did not need to find their way to no-mans […]

Day 3 – Bruchkobel to Czechout party

We made it to Klenova Castle near dusk and set up camp. We parked next to two Dutch guys and right down the way from some other Americans who were driving an ice-cream truck (The Rolling Cones). We put up the tent (Thank you, Sierra Designs!), chatted a bit with our neighbors, then got into […]

Day 2 – Liege to Bruchkobel

We reluctantly rose at 10 and journeyed on to Spa, a small Belgian town on the way to Germany. After a delicious breakfast of waffles and tea we bid fond ‘A bientôt!’ to Belgium. Continuing on to Frankfurt, we were given a warm welcome by Sarah’s friend Marcus and his lovely parents. After a tour […]

Carte Grise! England!

Ah so much! No time! Spent 3 hours waiting in the prefecture in Bordeaux. They call your number and then print you a carte grise in 30 seconds. No questions asked about my US address or my Australian passport or why Anand’s name was on the bill of sale or anything. 30 euro and I […]

Saturday in Libourne – Mongol Rally Day 5

Not much to report today. It looked in the morning as if I was going to be kicked out of the hotel, since I’ve just been renewing my room day-to-day and now the hotel is full for the holiday weekend. Tuesday is Bastille Day, the French national holiday. But then by the afternoon a room […]

Day 3: Bordeaux

I got up this morning in Libourne, completely forgot about my intention to have the shop weld skid plates, and took the train in to Bordeaux. The train was full and I ended up having to ask a frightening woman to move her bag. She had false eyelashes and some green and purple makeup that […]


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Rally Packing

Rally Packing, originally uploaded by aocole. I’m off to France in the morning to pick up the newly-repaired (we hope) car and get the paperwork in order for the Rally. I had a request to blog about what all I’m packing, so here it is. Some of this stuff is getting jettisoned before the rally […]