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Update from Mongolia!

An update from Andrew (apparently the internet was too slow to allow for blogging, but worked for email): I’m in Altai, Mongolia at the first internet cafe I’ve seen since leaving Russia a week ago. Most of the towns here don’t have electricity reliably or at all. Even cell phone coverage is really spotty.  Mongolia […]

Update, and check out Outside!

Creeping Blandness Prevention Group has been blogging at Outside Magazine, so everyone make sure you’re checking out our posts there as well! Saturday night, when we tried to go through the border from Bulgaria to Turkey, we were informed that the plates on our car did not match the plates on the registration. Apparently we […]

Day 1 – Oxford to Goodwood

Finally, after packing, vacuuming and moving the entirety of Anand’s house into storage, we dropped off all his remaining things (semi-frozen food, crock pot, microwave, damp towels and a dirty bathmat) with his unwitting friend Marianne. She was a very good sport about the unexpected bounty. Anand rushed between Marianne’s house and the car while […]

CBPG team now completely European!

With Jessie touching down at this very moment, all members of the Creeping Blandness Prevention Group are now in Europe!  In a little bit I will head to the bus stop on Queens Ln in Oxford to meet her and the original plan from there was to rent a car and go parts shopping.  After […]

Technique Contrôlled!

Awesome day today! I don’t know where to start so we’ll just go chronologically. No, I can’t! The car passed the Contrôl Technique inspection! I’m so thrilled. It’s the first time I’m feeling like I’ve made some progress with the car. So actually she didn’t pass the first time through. Camie and I took her […]

Day 4: Libourne

I woke up in Bordeaux this morning, had a very pleasant breakfast of croissant, kiwi, and espresso, and then hopped on the train back to Libourne. I went first to the garage to ensure everything was okay and that the part had arrived (it had). I also asked the guy there (I guess I should […]

Libourne Day 2

I woke up this morning at 10 after sleeping almost 15 hours, not including my 2am internet interlude. I checked on the car again just to make sure it was still dead. Based on the fact that the battery was clearly charged, but that the car would do absolutely nothing when you turned the ignition […]

The Joys and Sorrows of Skoda

Yesterday I got in to Libourne with almost no trouble after flying to Paris, then taking trains to Bordeaux and then here. I walked out of the train station and wandered aimlessly until I found a gas station and got directions to the garage a short walk away. At the garage they pulled the car […]


I know it’s been a while, but that’s because not much has changed. The car is still at the mechanics’ in Libourne. After rebuffing our attempts at bargaining (they even said that the €355 they had quoted us was for a used alternator!), they invited us to mail them an alternator if we though we […]

Car snag UPDATED

Yesterday we got an email from Anand saying: So I was driving from the hotel to the gas station in Libourne this morning and the car suddenly went dead. The battery seems fine but the starter doesn’t turn over when I turn the key, there’s just a click. It’s been in a garage in Libourne […]