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Word of the Day – break

break (say it like you’re Scottish) Language: French Meaning: station wagon Apart from describing what our Škoda does, break also describes what it is. This term for station wagon has its origin in English where breaking describes the training of horses to accept being ridden and handled by humans. The first vehicles called breaks appeared […]

We Have the Car!

[This is Andrew posting an email we just got from Anand. Exciting times!] I made it to France and got the car. I’m in a hotel somewhere spending the night now. The next challenge will be getting across the border. If being a pain in the arse were a video game, England would be the […]

New (used) Car!

For those who missed the verbal news a couple weeks ago, the verdict came in on our beloved Hijet and it was not good– the car is too old by several months according to the rally‘s calculation of age based on the first registration date.  But not to fear!  After a lengthy search of various […]

This Book Exists?!

I was down in Portland, OR last weekend and stopped by Powell’s Technical Books. Imagine my surprise in the automotive aisle as I turn up this gem: How to Build a Successful Low-Cost Rally Car by Philip Young. The subtitle, covered by my hands in the photo, reads “Applies to cars for road rallies, including […]

Is kitsch the right word?

Andrew here. I’m going to take advantage of (abuse?) the new posting rights Sarah granted me on the team blog by sharing this mid-90’s ad I found for the Daihatsu Hijet. As far as I’m concerned, it’s always about quantity. There’s currently a question about whether our particular Hijet will meet the requirements put forth […]

We now have a team phone number and a vehicle!

The most exciting news first, Anand managed to win us a very fitting chariot for the race from ebay-motors! Turns out, we will be driving a white, 1.3L, 1999 Daihatsu Hi-jet microvan. We got it for a cool £800.00 (bumped up from 500 at the last minute, sadly). It’s got two sunroofs and some …personality […]