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Belated picture update!

I’ve gone back and put some pictures in with the last couple of posts, so make sure you go back and check them out! I was also going to put a bunch of Sumela pictures up here, but you might as well just take a look at them in situ in my flickr stream.  All […]

Fan club!?

In the comments to my St Emilion post, I was alerted to the existence of a Creeping Blandness Prevention Group Fan Club. This is somewhat amazing to me. The CBPG has been talking behind closed doors about it and we would like to say that we are extremely flattered. Thank you CBPGFC!

New Feature: Word of the Day

We’re introducing a new feature– you’ll find it in the sidebar on the right side of the page. Few people know much about the countries we’ll be driving through, so each day (at least until we leave) we’ll be posting a word of the day from one of these countries and some little relevant cultural […]

Welcome to the new site!

You’ve found the new site! was great but we like the flexibilty of having our own site, plus our address is much shorter now. Not much to report at the moment, just a hello.  I have a few posts in the hopper that I will publish over the next couple days. Also expect some […]