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Word of the day – Shwmae? Sut mae?

Shwmae? Sut mae? (shwe-my? soot my?) Language: Welsh Meaning: Hello, How are you? It’s still questionable as to whether Jessie and I will be driving over to Cardiff today to visit the parts recycler (rather leaning towards no, since they don’t actually appear to have any parts we need, but still, I’ve never been to […]

Word of the Day – Приятно пътуване!

Приятно пътуване! (pree-yaht-no  pah-too-vah-neh) Language: Bulgarian Meaning: Bon Voyage! As I’m about to get on a plane to head to London, I figured “bon voyage” would be a good word for today.  Once again, as with bon appetit, we are at the mercy of the French to be able to say things succinctly.  In English […]

Word of the Day – Upoznavati

Upoznavati (oo-poze-nav-at-ee) Language: Serbo-Croat Meaning: To meet, to get to know While we have to drive pretty quickly, with only a month to cover 10,000 miles, however we will hopefully still have the chance to meet and get to know lots of people on our journey.  Hospitality in Turkey and Central Asia is almost like […]

Word of the Day – Nasılsınız

Nasılsınız (Nah-sul-sun-uz) Language: Turkish Meaning: How are you doing? The transcription of the pronounciation isn’t quite right there, but I’m not sure how to describe how to say “ı.”   Although it takes some practice and you might not believe me, nasılsınız will eventually roll off your tongue just like “how’s it going?” now does.  When […]

Word of the Day – Iş

Iş (ish) Language: Turkish Meaning: Job/occupation “Ne iş yapıyorsun?” (“what do you do,” or “what is your job?”) is a common question for people in every language, especially when they are wondering why on earth you are travelling to their country (yesterday in the waiting room of the Azeri embassy someone asked my why I […]

Word of the Day – Aba tengshegich

Aba tengshegich (Ah-bah teng-sheh-gich) Language: Kyrgyz Meaning: Air conditioning Not sure if our car has air conditioning, but we’re probably going to blasting the heat anyway, trying to cool off our poor overburdened engine.  As soon as we get into Turkey, it’s going to start getting hot.  The average temperatures in the Stan’s in the […]

Word of the day – Allahaısmarladık

Allahaısmarladık (ah-lah-hah-ihs-mahr-lah-duhk) Language: Turkish Meaning: Goodbye Allahaısmarladık is quite a mouthful to say.  You say this when you’re leaving and generally the proper response from the person staying behind is “güle güle!” Allahaısmarladıkmeans something along the lines of “go with god” or “I leave you in god’s care.”  An easier (possibly) way to say goodbye […]

Word of the Day – Pekmez

Pekmez (pehk-mehz) Language: Turkish Meaning: Molasses Specifically, pekmez is fruit molasses.  It’s like a really thick fruity version of maple syrup, but thinner than jam or jelly.  Pekmez can be poured over yogurt or kaymak (clotted cream) or, apparently, mixed with Tahini for breakfast.  I never saw the latter, but pekmez did make numerous entries […]

Word of the Day – Eet smakelijk

Eet smakelijk (eyt smah-keh-lick) Language: Dutch Meaning: Eat deliciously Bon Appetit,  Buen Provecho, Afiyet Olsun,  Eet Smakelijk.  Almost every language has a simple phrase for wishing people a good meal, except English.  Maybe some people say “eat well” or “dig in” or sometimes we wander over into french, but it seems that in general, Americans […]

Word of the Day – ahoj

ahoj (ahoy) Language: Czech Meaning: hello (09:12:46 AM) Sarah Olmstead: I think I’m not going to be able to get a word of the day up today (on my way to alcatraz with my aunts), so if there’s any french vocab you think people are missing, feel free to throw it up there (09:13:16 AM) […]