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Word of the Day – Je to pro mne španĕlská vesnice

Je to pro mne španĕlská vesnice (yeh toh proh mnye spahn-els-kah vehs-nee-steh) Language: Czech Meaning: It’s a Spanish village to me Or, in English, we’d say “It’s all Greek to me!”  It’s funny how each country and culture has the same kind of phrases that refer to the strangeness of other countries and cultures, but […]

Word of the Day – идёт

идёт (ee-djyot) Language: Russian Meaning: walk, go идёт means to walk – at least it does to Rosetta Stone, if not Google translate, where it is translated as “is.”  But “to walk” and “to be” are interconnected for many people.  For instance, though we’re doing this road rally, only one of the four of us […]

Word of the Day – Deniz

Deniz (dehn-eez) Language: Turkish Meaning: Sea Turkey is surrounded by seas – Karadeniz (Black Sea) to the North, Ege Denizi (Aegean Sea) and Marmara Denizi to the West, and Akdeniz (Mediterranean, or literally “white sea”) to the South.  The Aegean and Mediterranean coasts in Turkey are very popular with tourists looking to sun themselves and […]

Word of the Day – Әжетхана қайда?

Әжетхана қайда? (Ä-jet-khah-nah qay-dah?) Language: Kazakh Meaning: Where’s the toilet Toilets.  I have gotten in so much trouble all over the globe because of the American tradition of saying “bathroom” rather than the more accurate (but cruder?) “toilet.”  I was invited to stay at the home of friend in Uzbekistan and I asked at some […]

Word of the Day – Gelin

Gelin (Gehl-in) Language: Turkish Meaning: Girl, bride Gelin is a common term used to refer to any eligible woman, not just one who is getting married to someone in particular.  For instance, I am a gelin, or so my music teacher, Hüsnü (whose name apparently means handsome or mature man), was always telling me.  He […]

Word of the Day – ეს ქალბატონი გადაიხდის ყველაფერს

ეს ქალბატონი გადაიხდის ყველაფერს (es k’albatoni gadaikhdis qvelaphers) Language: Georgian Meaning: This gentleman will pay for everything Ok, so we probably won’t be picking up any Georgian sugar daddies along the way from the Turkish border to the Azeri border, but a girl can dream, right?  Regardless of the opportunity to say such a thing, […]

Word of the day – Etli ekmek

Etli ekmek (eht-lee ehk-mehk) Language: Turkish Meaning: meaty bread The Turks have a lot of bready concoctions, one of my favorite to say, if not eat, is etli ekmek.  Et is meat, ekmek is bread, li makes meat an adjective, and there you have it: etli ekmek. Meaty bread is a perfect description of what […]

Word of the Day – Plov

Plov (plovf) Language: Uzbek Meaning: dish made with rice, carrots, and meat Plov is the national dish of Uzbekistan.  Most nomadic cultures are all about simplicity because when you’re on the go, you don’t want to drag along lots of heavy kitchen implements.  Aside from yummy gruels like Mashkichiri (from which I think kedgeree is […]

Word of the Day – Bulutlu

Bulutlu (boo-loot-loo) Language: Turkish Meaning: Cloudy “June gloom,” southern California’s only season, has fully engulfed the region and so the days are sleepy and gray until the sun comes out in the afternoon.  I suspect we will be gladly reveling in any cloudy days we see on the rally, as otherwise it’s libel to be […]

Word of the Day – Kum

Kum (koom) Language: Turkish, Uzbek, Turkmen, Kazakh, etc. Meaning: Sand Central Asia is a big desert and thus there is a lot of sand.  The two big deserts in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan are the Kyzylkum (kyzyl = red, kum = sand) and the karakum (kara = dark, kum = sand).  These deserts are part of […]