T-Shirts – No Longer Available

Sorry my hair is messed up in this photo

Sorry my hair is messed up in this photo

We’re no longer selling these shirts ­čÖü

These are American Apparel unisex or women’s t-shirts in “Cranberry” with the CBPG logo 12″ wide in black across the front. The logo is like the one at the top of the page. The back is blank. These are super-soft t-shirts that fit a little closer than standard Hanes-like shirts. If you’re debating between sizes, choose the larger one. Note that the woman at the screenprinting place says the women’s shirts run “crazy small.”

Picking the shirt up in Seattle, Santa Monica, Brooklyn, Oxford, or London is free. If you want me to ship it to you, please kick in an extra $5. For shirts that were ordered before June 28th, pick-up is available now. Please order now so I know how many to make! Proceeds pay for Škoda repairs, etc.!

Calendars and other items

Spinning Silk in Merghilan

Spinning Silk in Marghilan

We also have a variety of items like a calendar of scenes from Uzbekistan and prints of those shots available in our Qoop store.  Qoop also allows you to take any of those images and turn them into things like mugs and mouse pads and things or high quality prints.

To buy the Uzbek calendar, click here!  Check back after the rally for more!


Don’t like our t-shirts but still want to support the cause of Creeping Blandness Prevention?┬á Make a donation here and we’ll love you for it. This money goes to support visas, ┼ákodas, gas.. stuff like that. THANK YOU!!