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Carte Grise! England!

Ah so much! No time! Spent 3 hours waiting in the prefecture in Bordeaux. They call your number and then print you a carte grise in 30 seconds. No questions asked about my US address or my Australian passport or why Anand’s name was on the bill of sale or anything. 30 euro and I […]

Technique Contrôlled!

Awesome day today! I don’t know where to start so we’ll just go chronologically. No, I can’t! The car passed the Contrôl Technique inspection! I’m so thrilled. It’s the first time I’m feeling like I’ve made some progress with the car. So actually she didn’t pass the first time through. Camie and I took her […]

Saint Emilion – Mongol Rally Day 6

Today Camie picked me up with her friend Soriah a we went for a drive through the countryside near Libourne to the ancient village of Saint Emilion. Just outside the borders of Libourne lie miles and miles of vineyards producing some very famous (and some very expensive) wines. We had a very nice lunch in […]

Day 4: Libourne

I woke up in Bordeaux this morning, had a very pleasant breakfast of croissant, kiwi, and espresso, and then hopped on the train back to Libourne. I went first to the garage to ensure everything was okay and that the part had arrived (it had). I also asked the guy there (I guess I should […]

Day 3: Bordeaux continued

So I got off the train in Bordeaux and wandered aimlessly. I had no map but I eventually stumbled to what I decided must be the main pedestrian street and shopping area in Bordeaux, which was called Rue Sainte Catherine. From there I found a place to stay for the night, wandered around looking at […]

The Joys and Sorrows of Skoda

Yesterday I got in to Libourne with almost no trouble after flying to Paris, then taking trains to Bordeaux and then here. I walked out of the train station and wandered aimlessly until I found a gas station and got directions to the garage a short walk away. At the garage they pulled the car […]