Our 2000 Škoda Felicia Wagon

Our Chariot

Our Chariot

Our beautiful Škoda Felicia Wagon was found on this eBay France auction for only €301! What a steal!  Now my high school French is a little rusty but I think it says there’s nothing wrong with it except that it’s going to “exploser”… whatever that means. She does have 155,000 miles, but we’re just going to cross our fingers and say that’s nothing for a Škoda.

We picked the car up from near Bordeaux in France. If you read through the Vehicle category on this site you can catch up on all the drama.


I think the old girl needs a better name than “Felicia”. Any thoughts? Leave a comment over on the news post. Update: We’ve somewhat settled on “Merdeith” as a name. It’s pronounced just like “Meredith.” Most of the time we just call her “the car.”


60's-era Felicia

60's-era Felicia

The Felicia is a model with quite a bit of history. For starters, it’s made by Škoda, a Czech company that is one of the oldest makers of cars in the world. They began as a bicycle company in 1895, starting to produce cars in 1905.

The Felicia started in 1959 as a tiny two-seater sports car. Production of this model ended in 1964 and the name was retired until 1994.

The Czech government sold Škoda to the Volkswagen Group in 1990. The new Felicia in 1994 reflected the influence from VW, looking like the VW Golf of that era.  The 1.6L and 1.9L engines used in some models came from VW. Our trusty wagon, however, has a Škoda-made 1.3L pushrod engine. These cars were produced in a 5-door hatchback model, a wagon like ours, a strange pickup model similar to an El Camino, and a van that was basically just the pickup plus a box. Production continued until 2001 when the Felicia was replaced by the Škoda Fabia.

Other Teams with Felicias

Seems like it’s a popular model with this year’s ralliers! There are at least a dozen other teams with Felicia’s but these are the only links I could find right now.